Economics and Management of Engineering Systems (EMES)

The research of the EMES group focuses on interdisciplinary approaches for the economic analysis and management of complex systems requiring the integration of technical, economic, environmental and social disciplines.

EMES objectives can be described as:

  • To study the process of production of goods and services within a managerial and decision making framework. Research will involve sectorial strategic studies and the development of methods and tools to support project analysis and management, new product development, cost management, financial and risk analysis and management, and economic impact studies.
  • To analyse complex systems resorting to planning and sustainable scenarios modelling, to participatory methodologies for social evaluation, and to benchmarking tools, targeting industrial and service sectors with emphasis on the energy sector.
  • To research innovation systems from an economic perspective, and to research processes of technology management, involving the development of theoretical and applied models that contribute to inform relevant policy and business strategic decision making regarding innovation processes.

EMES includes researchers with a multidisciplinary background which are actively enrolled in research projects with international scientific partners, local/national companies and municipal key actors.

EMES leader: Paula Ferreira

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