VOIL: Virtual Open Innovation Lab

Comissão Europeia|European Commission
CALG Principal Investigator
Isabel Maria Pinto Ramos
Research Group
Rapid developments in digitalization pose pressure for firms to innovate and transform their businesses by implementing digital technologies and innovative business models. Many firms struggle with understanding the opportunities and consequences of digitalization. These difficulties are particularly demanding for small firms due to their general lack of resources, knowledge and skills. In order to accelerate the digital transformation of small & medium enterprises, higher education institutions need to adopt effective strategies to develop advanced digital skills in their students, future employees of these companies. Therefore, the target groups of the VOIL project are educators and students in Universities as well as young workers and entrepreneurs/managers of small and medium enterprises. The project has two main objectives: (1) to raise awareness about the potential of emerging technologies, tools and methods in the course of the digital transformation of micro, small & medium enterprises, and (2) to design a pedagogical model for simulation-based learning of advanced digital competencies.
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