Electronics and Computers Engineering

The doctoral program in Electronics and Computers Engineering (PDEEC) is an educational project of the Algoritmi Centre from the School of the Engineering of the University of Minho, that seeks to ensure to their trainees a systematic comprehension in the specific field of Electronics and Computers Engineering, alongside a more comprehensive training in larger areas, so as to provide an integrated and high level training. For this purpose, PDEEC provides students with the competencies, skills and research methods that ensure the ability to conceive, design, adapt and implement high-level scientific research projects, according to internationally accepted standards of quality and innovation

The program consists of a curriculum component and the preparation of a thesis. It as a minimum duration of 3 years – 1 year for curricular component and 2 years for the completion of the doctoral thesis –, making a total of 180 ECTS. The completion of the curricular component confers the right to a degree of “Advanced Studies in Electronics and Computers Engineering.” The thesis should include a work of original research, with a clear contribution to the extension of the frontiers of knowledge in the area of the program.

The PDEEC covers most of the scientific areas in which the Algoritmi Centre has worked and developed skills, namely:

– Control, Automation and Robotics

– Power Electronics and Energy

– Instrumentation and Electronic Microsystems

– Industrial Informatics and Embedded Systems

– Systems Information Technology

– Telecommunications and Computer Communications

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Further Informations (contact PhD Program Diretor): [Professor Filomena Soares]

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PhD Program Diretor: Professor Filomena Soares