Maria Aparecida Lopes da Cruz finaliza seu Doutoramento

Tema da Tese: The Value of Information: approach from the perspective of information systems.

Autor: Maria Aparecida Lopes da Cruz

Programa Doutoral: Programa Doutoral em Tecnologias e Sistemas de Informação

Orientadores: Henrique Manuel Dinis dos Santos

Data: 15/12/2020

Abstract: This work aims to identify the value of information and its use by scientists. There is no bibliometric bias, but qualitative, seeking a representation of information on the part of scientists and based on the representations obtained from traditional models from the area of intelligence behavior. In the course of the work it was realized that the perception of this value depends on the proximity of the groups of researchers, and of their own subjectivity. The question of subjectivity is not treated directly, but is present in the indirect analysis of the indicators of the analyzed models and the behaviors that mirror. The value of the information is a construct that depends on many variables. By studying this value in a specific context (field of knowledge and research acting), in addition to the knowledge networks that form (research relationships), it is possible to determine the validity of the information in that particular context. Throughout the work this process was accompanied by a diary kept by the researcher. The purpose of this was to obtain grants for a new information model that incorporated new indicators that could arise in the process. In the end it is proposed a new model that incorporates scientific data management since your inception. The aim is to create a new formula that allows the creation of a predictive model by identifying the validity coefficient of the information in the studied context.

Key-Words: value of information, information retrieval, predictive models.