ISSAI 2019 First Interdisciplinary Summer School on Artificial Intelligence

Start Date:  5th june 2019
End Date: 7th june 2019
Local: Fórum Cultural de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
Organizers (ALGORITMI): Paulo Novais (Chair), University of Minho, Portugal (jointly organised by APPIA and AEPIA).

The ISSAI is intended as an interdisciplinary forum with the aim to create a multi-directional flow between AI and other disciplines. The spirit of the meeting is that a forum where practitioners from different fields both present ideas from their fields and learn about ideas from other fields is the best atmosphere for all the disciplines to prosper together. The event is an initiative of the Portuguese and Spanish associations for AI (APPIA and AEPIA). It is aimed at graduate students, post-docs and researchers willing to advance their knowledge and gain new insights by actively participating in an interdisciplinary dialogue.

The focus theme for the first edition in 2019 will be “New paths for Intelligence”.