engageLab was awarded the World Technology Award 2013

engageLab was awarded the World Technology Award 2013 for the work with t-words in the entertainment category.

The award was announced at Time Conference Center at the World Technology Awards gala/ceremony on the evening of November 15th, at the conclusion of the two-day World Technology Summit conference held at the Time & Life Building in New York City.

This prize goes with a special thank you to all the researchers@engagelab for their world class perseverance at their work.

Special mention of Cristina SyllaSérgio Gonçalves together with Pedro Branco and Clara Coutinho authors of the project.

About the project t-words:
t-words is an interface for children to playful explore sounds, words and sentences while developing pre-literate skills. The interface consists of rectangular blocks in which children can record and then play the recorded audio. Additionally children can personalize the blocks by drawing on their surface. Children and educators can engage in different literacy related activities such as building rhymes, playing with words, trying out different combinations of sentences, engaging in storytelling, composing their own music, and learning concepts of sequence. The flexibility of the interface allows the creation of multiple activities as it is not language conditioned nor depends on any additional software or hardware.

James P. Clark (Chairman WTA), Clara Coutinho and Pedro Branco (University of Minho) at the World Technology Awards Cerimony. NYC (Nov, 2013)

About WTA (The World Technology Awards):
The World Technology Awards are presented annually by the World Technology Network (The WTN) at its World Technology Summit to individuals and corporations achieving significant, lasting progress in categories pertaining to science, technology, the arts, and design. The first World Technology Summit and Awards took place on November 12, 1999, at the National Museum of Science and Industry in London, England. Currently, the World Technology Summit is held at the Time-Life Building, and the World Technology Awards are presented at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The Awards are given in association with Time, NASDAQ, Fortune, AAAS, Science, NYAS, and The Technology Review.

About engageLab:
engageLab is a laboratory at the intersection of arts and technology established by researchers of two research centres at University of Minho, the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre Algoritmi. engageLab aims to be a space of convergence of different fields and audiences, conducive of the intersection of different languages, integrating researchers from a variety of fields that contribute to imagine, research, design and implement the next generation of human-computer interaction systems combining the functional with the aesthetics of the experience, applied to a wide set of human activities and ideally inspiring new ones.