Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal (Bosch-BrgP) has established a long-term cooperation protocol with the AESI Doctoral Program. Bosch-BrgP is responsible for funding 25% of the FCT grants available for AESI students. Additionally, Bosch-BrgP hosts the AESI students during the 3-year research period devoted to prepare the PhD thesis.

Bosch-BrgP is located in Braga since 1990 and is part of the Car Multimedia division of Bosch. Its core business is the production and development of car radios and navigation systems to the automotive industry and other electronic systems for household appliances. The production volume is approximately 6 millions systems annually. Today, Bosch-BrgP is the biggest car radio plant in Europe. It hosts an advanced centre in engineering, and competence centres in the areas of human-machine interfaces, surface-mount technology, and software development. On top of customer and Bosch prizes and awards, Bosch-BrgP received in 2007 the EFQM Award Recognition for Excellence, 5 stars, in 2008 the Ergonomics Work Recognition from the Portuguese Government, in 2011 the Energy Efficiency Award from the Portuguese Government, and in 2012 the National EFQM Excellence Award PEX-SPQ 2012, and the Masters of Human Capital Award from Expo RH & International Faculty for Executives.

The two hosting institutions (UMinho and Bosch-BrgP) of the AESI doctoral program have a long cooperation tradition. Since 2000, Bosch-BrgP has hosted 200 internships for master engineering students from the School of Engineering, mainly supervised by ALGORITMI faculty members. Several former ALGORITMI PhD students hold currently key responsibilities in the technical and management structure of Bosch-BrgP. Around 120 research projects have been executed in cooperation during all these years, mainly related with the research subjects corresponding to the ALGORITMI research topics. As a natural formalization of this long cooperation between both institutions, in 4 July 2012 the Portuguese Government announced the sponsoring of the partnership between the UMinho and Bosch-BrgP.