Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems Group (UBICOMP)

The Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems group addresses the design, development and deployment of new information technology from a multi-disciplinary perspective in which technology and the experience it provides are both seen as two sides of a single research process.

The group addresses this interplay between people and information technology in the everyday world, by bringing together the technological competences needed for developing ubiquitous computing technologies with the creative and interaction design competences needed to generate new and engaging experiences from the possibilities offered by the technology. The main research areas of the group are Smart cities and Situated Displays, in which we have a large number of exciting projects. The group has been active in the field of ubiquitous computing for several years and is now well integrated in the ubicomp research community. We have a well deployed network of partnerships both within academia and industry and international collaboration has been mainly promoted as part of European projects, including FP5, FP6 and FP7.

UBICOMP leader: Rui José


Recent UBICOMP Publications: