Systems Engineering, Optimization and Operations Research (SEOOR)


The mission of SEOOR is to pursue research and research‐led learning and teaching of the highest international level in all the teaching areas of the Optimization and Operations Research Group:

  • Optimization
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Quality, Reliability and Maintenance


  • Conduct both fundamental and applied research, targeting to publish in the highest quality and flagship journals;
  • Establish research mobility, exchange and cooperation programs with internationally renowned research centers;
  • Establish high quality research contracts with surrounding industries and services, aiming at contributing to their development;
  • Target the job placement of our PhD and MSc students in surrounding industries and services after they graduate;
  • Develop a research environment attractive to international graduate students, particularly from Portuguese speaking countries, and to postdoctoral researchers;
  • Encourage the involvement of postgraduate students in ongoing research projects.
The SEOOR Research Team

SEOOR Coordinator:  José Manuel Vasconcelos Valério Carvalho

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