Nonlinear Systems Optimization and Statistics (NSOS)

Our main research areas and interests lie in Nonlinear Optimization, Mathematical Problem Design, Heuristics and Statistics. The state-of-the-art research is interdisciplinary, involving close links with mathematics, engineering and other scientific disciplines. The NSOS group conducts fundamental and applied research on optimization, including algorithmic development, model formulation, and software production, as well as on statistics applied to various areas, in particular to medicine.

At present, the group has 12 PhD permanent members, and several MSc and PhD students.

We were very pleased to lead the organization of the international conference ORP3-2007. The NSOS group, together with the SEOOR (Systems Engineering, Optimization and Operations Research) research group, is committed with the organization of the next international Optimization conference (Optimization 2014). We are also committed with the organization of the ICCOPT 2013 conference.

NSOS Coordinator:  Ismael Vaz

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NSOS Selected Publications:

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