Information Systems and Technologies

The performed R&D  activities focus on social and organizational phenomena related with the adoption and use of information technologies. The projects may result in technological or theoretical contributions relevant to organizational interventions aiming to enhance organizational development and well being, or to develop innovative computational platforms with the potential to transform organizational or social practices, interactions and relationships.

The program has a 4-year duration. The Doctoral Program on Information Systems and Technology (PDTSI) first year is designed to allow students getting familiar with relevant literature in their area of research, and the existing research approaches and methods. During this first year, students also prepare their dissertation proposal. The program’s remaining time is dedicated to the research development and writing the doctoral dissertation.

PDTSI is intended to a wide range of potential candidates, including:

  • Young graduates that seek to prepare for research or academic careers;
  • Professionals that seek to increase their knowledge and skills in leading the development of IT applications as well as to be more effective in addressing the multidisciplinary nature of organizational and social phenomena related with the adoption and use of information technology;
  • Those who seek to contribute for the organizational and social change trough the use of innovative information technologies.

The R&D’s activities developed for PDTSI are performed at the Centro ALGORITMI a renowned R&D center finnaced by FCT.

PhD Program Diretor: Professor João Varajão (

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