Marcelo Silva Pereira finaliza o seu Doutoramento

Tema da Tese: Software Lean/Agile Project Development Manager: Practices and definition of performance indicator collaborative manager model

Autor: Marcelo Silva Pereira

Programa Doutoral: Programa Doutoral em Engenharia Industrial e de Sistemas 

Orientador: Rui Manuel Sá Pereira Lima

Data: 17/01/2020


This project has the purpose to define a performance indicator collaborative management model which supports the organization decisions on project management of software development. It will provide the waste identification and collaboratively continuous improvement of all stakeholders.

The model building is supported by concept development about Lean/Agile project management and collaborative engineering, articulating them with real projects analysis of software development. The model MGCID propose collaborative definition of performance indicator and measurement parameters defined by development team, aligned with project management knowledge areas. The model is still inspired in definition cycles, application, evaluation and indicators redefinition in a process set aligned with agile methodology cycles and with continuous improvement cycles from Lean principles. This way, it permits identify wastes and improvement opportunities for development practices during the project.

Based on survey answers involving several system development and management professionals, field research, and critical analysis of model, was possible substantiate and validate the applicability on different real scenarios of software projects. The model was validated through its application inside projects ongoing in three software development companies. Tow companies in Brazil and one in Portugal, where study contexts were selected by criteria internal company.

From the application of model was possible the team developed strategy to ensure the delivery success with features that comply the costumer’s requirements, without exceeding the deadlines estimated, minimizing risks and down quality level, through of identification of possible behaviours which can harm the project progress, and finally the collaboration level rise of all project stakeholders.

Keywords: Agile Project Management, Collaborative Engineering, Lean Project Management, Performance Indicator Management