Applications AESI – 2021/2022

The doctoral program in Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry (AESI) is promoted by the University of Minho/Centro ALGORITMI in cooperation with DTx-Digital Transformatiob CoLab. It is specially targeted for preparing PhDs students for an advanced engineering career in the industry.

The AESI doctoral program is devoted to training PhD students to work in the industry with the role of leading innovation and technological development in advanced engineering systems for industrial organizations, namely in:
·      manufacturing systems and logistics;
·      information and software systems;
·      information visualization and CAD systems;
·      embedded systems and industrial informatics;
·      modelling, simulation, and optimization.

The specialization in these engineering topics empowers the AESI students to promote the adoption of worldwide-recognized business excellence and quality reference models in industrial organizations. Thus, AESI students will also be skilled to explicitly manage industrial property, the private innovation strategy, and organizational projects and change management.

Industry cooperation and affinity with real industry needs is a dominant concern in this doctoral program, and all activities aim to reach application in industrially relevant contexts.
Therefore, ambitious framework agreements have been entered with industrial organizations, thus ensuring that specific plans for exploiting results are present across the doctoral program activities. Currently, DTx CoLab and its associated industrial members are the main industrial partners of this doctoral program. Other industrial organizations are planned to integrate this consortium.

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