Innovative Industries and Organizations (IIO)

The inter-disciplinary research thematic line Innovative Industries and Organizations (IIO) will research on current and future challenges of industry and organizations exploring sustainable and social efficiency objectives combining advanced manufacturing processes, smart technologies and knowledge workers. This TL will focus on an integrated and holistic approach, moving from cost oriented to high adding value strategies based on technical and organizational innovations.

ALGORITMI integrates crucial multidisciplinary competencies of the six research groups to ensure the necessary industry transformation and the development of structures, processes and technological tools for organizations by a coordinated research effort to develop and deploy a set of innovative enabler technologies able to address future challenges in the following domains: 

        a) Systems and Technology Management Effective, Efficient and reliable manufacturing systems; Modelling, simulation and optimization; Energy efficiency; Human factors. 

        b) Information and Communication Technologies Adoption, use, exploitation and management of ICT to foster industry and organizational traits that enable intelligence, durability, well-being and excellence. 

        c) Advanced Mechatronics for Industry Pro-active robotic co-workers; Cyber-Physical Systems. 

        d) Training and Education Human potential and knowledge creation; Identification of competencies requirements. 

        e) Smart growth Developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation. Smart growth approaches can help communities balance development with environmental protection, economics, and quality of life, therefore becoming more resilient to economic and financial shocks. 

These domains will foster joint applications in European and National projects, in consortium with National and local authorities, reinforcing our long-term and previously established relations. 

ALGORITMI and has been actively involved in national and international research projects related to Innovative Industry and Organizations and has a large experience on topics related to Industry and Organizations. 

The TL IIO will benefit from strong links and previous research, on the above mentioned domains, between ALGORITMI and several companies, namely initiatives related to Industry 4.0 with Bosch Car Multimedia, Continental and IKEA. 

Researchers from this TL are promoting the multi-centre projects TSSIPRO and Deus ex- Machine (COMPETE 2020) and have actively participated on the creation of the Digital Transformation CoLab (DTx).