Leaders for Technical Industries

The Leaders for Technical Industries’ PhD Program is intended to train knowledge-based leaders for companies with a technological profile, enabling a new European paradigm in managing product development and production systems, supported by a doctoral level education. This program looks to develop human resources competences fostering the innovative application of new knowledge in successful products and/or processes.

Access to higher education

LTI graduates are capable of:
i) leading multidisciplinary teams addressing new and complex challenges in product development and manufacturing operations;
ii) planning and managing innovation strategies of technological-based companies; and
iii) to develop and implement research programs under industrial environments.


– Research/Faculty career
– R&D Departments
– Spin-offs and Startup

PhD Program Diretor: Professor Rui Alberto Madeira Macedo Lima (d6820@dem.uminho.pt)

Study Plan: here.

More Information: here.