Information Systems and Technologies (IST)


The IST (Information Systems and Technologies) research line adopts three problem-domain topics: Organizational Well-Being (OWB); Valuable and Trustable Information Services (VTIS); Sustained Software Industry (SSI). These problem-domain topics act as a crosscut research agenda for integrating and for stimulating the cooperation between the internal research sub-communities that address more specific research topics: business intelligence, business process management, information services, information systems security & audit, knowledge management, semantic web & scholarly communication, software engineering & management. During 2011, we expect that some of the sub-communities evolve towards a sustainable level that enables the formal creation of research groups internal to the IST research line.

In detail, IST intends to:

  • Perform fundamental and applied research, aiming to disseminate the scientific results in leading journals and world-class conferences;
  • Establish research cooperation with international leading research groups;
  • Cooperate with industrial partners to increase their competitiveness;
  • Offer high-quality courses at MSc and PhD levels to maximize the employability of the students, both nationally and internationally;
  • Attract international graduate students to get involved into the ongoing research projects.

Main Achievements

The results achieved during 2010 are at the same level of those of the previous years in what concerns projects and publications. Quantitatively, the research line achieved the following results:

  • Books and book chapters: 21
  • International Journals: 11
  • National Journals: 2
  • Conference Proceedings (International): 59
  • Conference Proceedings (National): 9
  • Edited Volumes: 5
  • Concluded PhD Thesis: 3
  • Concluded MSc Thesis: 12
  • Organization of Conferences/Seminars/Workshops: 8
  • R&D Projects: 10

In terms of main achievements, it is worth to mention the reinforcement of involvement in international activities with other universities like CMU or MIT, and associations like AIS and IFIP. Within the CMU|Portugal Program, one team member is coordinating the Innovation Network on Software Engineering (NET-SEI):
The IST research line coordinates the Doctoral Program in Information Systems and Technology, where several advanced courses are offered to students in the main areas of the research line. Some involvement also occurs with the Doctoral Program in Computer Science, a joint venture of Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro and Universidade do Porto (MAP-i). This Doctoral Program is a dual degree with the Carnigie Mellon University, within the CMU|Portugal Program.
The research line also coordinates the following Master Programmes, where several courses are also offered: MSc in Information Systems, MSc in Information Services, MSc in Engineering and Management of Information Systems. IST students have a high employability rate due mainly from the research-driven approach adopted within the post-graduate courses.
The team visibility can also be evaluated by the journals and conferences where team members have acted as referees. In 2010 team members have reviewed paper on, for example, journal as “IEEE Intelligent Systems Magazine”, “Data & Knowledge Engineering Journal”, “Information Sciences”, and “Elsevier Journal on Information and Software Technology”. M.Y. Santos received the best paper awarded at ICSEA’2010.

Finally, during 2010, two international prizes have been given to two team members (relative to activities developed during the previous years): – 2009 IFIP Outstanding Achievement Award (I. Ramos) – 2009 IEEE MGA Achievement Award (R.J. Machado).

IST Coordinator:  Paulo Cortez

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