Mouse dynamics correlates to student behaviour in computer-based exams

By Carneiro, Davide; Novais, Paulo; Sousa, Nuno; Pego, Jose Miguel; Neves, Jose

Logic Journal of the Igpl



Nowadays, it is common for higher education institutions to use computer-based exams, partly or integrally, in their evaluation processes. These exams, much like their paper-based counterparts, are one of the most significant sources of stress in the life of students. However, the fact that exams are undertaken in a computer allows for new features to be acquired that may provide more reliable insights into the behaviour and state of the student during the exam. In this article we analyse these novel behavioural features and explore, to which extent, they can point out previously unknown phenomena. Specifically, we show that the time a student takes to complete an exam is correlated with mouse dynamics features. In practical terms, we are able to predict the duration of each individual exam with a satisfying error based on the interaction patterns of the student.


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