On the Estimation of Hospital Beds Occupancy After Hip Surgery

By Sousa, S. D.; Rodrigues, C. S.; Nunes, E. P.; IEEE

2016 Ieee International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (Ieem)



For hospitals, the variability on demand (number of daily urgent admissions) and the variability in the Length of Stay (LoS) (bed occupancy) may affect the quality of service provided to patients and the effectiveness of the overall service. This paper studies the LoS of 238 patients who performed hip surgery in the orthopedic service of a Portuguese hospital in 2014. It uses variables available in electronic databases, such as Age, Gender, ASA classification; Surgical Apgar Score, Type of hip surgery; Weekday of the surgery; Starting hour of the surgery and Duration of surgery to predict LoS and provides a model that correctly indicate if a patient stays more than 7 days in 72.1% of the cases.



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