Systematic design analysis and risk management on engineered nanoparticles occupational exposure

By Silva, Francisco; Arezes, Pedro; Swuste, Paul; Arezes, P; Baptista, JS; Barroso, MP; Carneiro, P; Cordeiro&comm

Sho2015: International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene



The production of nanotechnology-based products is increasing, along with the conscience of the possible harmful effects of some nanomaterials. The “safety-by-design” approaches are getting attention as helpful tools to develop safer products and production processes. The Systematic Design Analysis Approach could help to identify the solutions to control the workplace risks by defining the emission and exposure scenarios and the possible barriers to interrupt them. By applying this approach in a photocatalytic ceramic tiles development project it was possible to identify relevant nanoparticles emission scenarios and related barriers, and defining possible ways to reduce it.


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