A multi-agent system for law enforcement simulation

By Neves, J.; Machado, J.; Novais, P.; Abelha, A.

Simulation in Industry: 9th European Simulation Symposium 1997



Law enforcement is a key priority for attorneys and judges, with the Public Prosecution Service playing a key role in all the process. All these bodies relie on legal document drafting in order to improve the efficiency of its departments, leading to a better application of The Law. To maintain stylistic and substantive consistency and decrease drafting time, new documents are often created based on previous ones. Therefore, it was felt the necessity of a formal framework to simulate document reuse, to generate court orders or decisions, based on explicit representation of the illocutionary and rhetorical structure underlying that documentation. The applicability of this framework to a representative class of the legal body - the Public Prosecution Service - is considered.


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