New methods for stress assessment and monitoring at the workplace

By Carneiro, D.; Novais, P.; Augusto, J.C.; Payne, N.

IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing



The topic of stress is nowadays a very important one, not only in research but on social life in general. People are increasingly aware of this problem and its consequences at several levels: health, social life, work, quality of life, etc. This resulted in a significant increase in the search for devices and applications to measure and manage stress in real-time. Recent technological and scientific evolution fosters this interest with the development of new methods and approaches. In this paper we survey these new methods for stress assessment, focusing especially on those that are suited for the workplace: one of today’s major sources of stress. We contrast them with more traditional methods and compare them between themselves, evaluating nine characteristics. Given the diversity of methods that exist nowadays, this work facilitates the stakeholders’ decision towards which one to use, based on how much their organization values aspects such as privacy, accuracy, cost-effectiveness or intrusiveness.


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