Ergonomic assessment of a wire terminal crimping workstation

By Cardoso, A.; Faria, J.; Colim, A.; Carneiro, P.

Studies in Systems, Decision and Control



The present study provides an ergonomic assessment of a wire terminal crimping workstation in a wiring manufacturing company for the automotive industry. It aims to evaluate the WMSD risk. To provide this assessment two methods were used: EWA and RULA. The first show us that the main problems were postures and movements, work content, repetitiveness of work and the thermal environment. The second show us that the worst body posture and movements were in the arms, forearms, wrist and trunk. The results show that there is a need to mitigate the problems encountered, so we suggested two kind of measures: engineering measures (presenting a redesign of the workplace using anthropometric data) and organizational measures.


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