Lighting assessment at workplaces in a granite manufacturing company

By Torres, A.; Ara\'ujo, A.; Pereira, C.; Santos, C.; Vivas, D.; Pinh\~ao, I

Studies in Systems, Decision and Control



The workers’ safety and wellbeing is the key to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency. An adequate lighting is one of the factors that influences the workplace and consequently, the comfort and satisfaction of the workers. This study aims to assess the lighting quality at seven work sections in a granite company. Three illuminance measurements were done with a luximeter, one with natural light and two at nightfall (with and without shadows). By studying their illuminance and luminance levels, it was perceivable the existence of lighting problems in all workplaces studied. Proven the inefficient lightning system, two experiments were run for the six workplaces. To the seventh section, as it is different from the others, a different approach was used. The results showed that with an implementation of roller shutters, 14 luminaires were enough to guarantee the necessary illuminance level. Without Dundee Roller Shutters, the number of luminaires needed was 15. To the seventh section it is recommended the utilization of a local lamp. The importance of lighting conditions is discussed, and the results obtained from illuminance measurements are presented so that improvements in the production area can be implemented.


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