Data requirements elicitation in big data warehousing

By Vieira, A.A.C.; Pedro, L.; Santos, M.Y.; Fernandes, J.M.; Dias, L.S&am

Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing



Due to the complex and dynamic nature of Supply Chains (SCs), companies require solutions that integrate their Big Data sets and allow Big Data Analytics, ensuring that proactive measures are taken, instead of reactive ones. This paper proposes a proof-of-concept of a Big Data Warehouse (BDW) being developed at a company of the automotive industry and contributes to the state-of-the-art with the data requirements elicitation methodology that was applied, due to the lack of existing approaches in literature. The proposed methodology integrates goal-driven, user-driven and data-driven approaches in the data requirements elicitation of a BDW, complementing these different organizational views in the identification of the relevant data for supporting the decision-making process.


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