A novel control strategy based on predictive control for a bidirectional interleaved three-phase converter

By Monteiro, V.; Sousa, T.J.C.; Martins, J.S.; Fernandes, J.C.A.; Afonso,

13th APCA International Conference on Control and Soft Computing, CONTROLO 2018 - Proceedings



An experimental confirmation of predictive control applied to a bidirectional interleaved three-phase (BIT) converter is presented. The BIT converter is a powerful solution for numerous applications, mainly, renewables interface, motor drivers, active rectifiers, and active power filters. However, a precise and robust digital control strategy is required, maintaining a low computational effort. In this paper, a predictive control based on continuous control set is proposed as a new control scheme for the BIT converter, permitting the control of the ac side current with fixed switching frequency and with a faster response. The predictive control scheme applied to the BIT converter is defined along the paper, evidencing in detail the digital employment aspects according to the discrete-time model of the BIT converter. An explicit experimental validation under realistic operating conditions is presented using a developed laboratorial prototype, highlighting the convenience of the control applied to the BIT converter.


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