An energy management platform for public buildings

By Ferreira, J.C.; Afonso, J.A.; Monteiro, V.; Afonso, J.L.

Electronics (Switzerland)



This paper describes the development and implementation of an electronic platform for energy management in public buildings. The developed platform prototype is based on the installation of a network of wireless sensors using the emerging Long Range (LoRa) low power long-range wireless network technology. This network is used to collect sensor data, which is stored online and manipulated to extract knowledge and generate actions toward energy saving solutions. In this process, gamification approaches were used to motivate changes in the users’ behavior towards more sustainable actions in public buildings. These actions and the associated processes can be implemented as public services, and they can be replicated to different public buildings, contributing to a more energy-sustainable world. The developed platform allows the monitoring and management of the heating/cooling, electric power consumption, and lighting levels. In order to validate the proposed electronic platform, sensor information was collected in the context of a university campus, which was used as an application scenario in public buildings.



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