A Categorical Clustering of Publishers for Mobile Performance Marketing

By Silva, S.; Cortez, P.; Mendes, R.; Pereira, P.J.; Matos, L.M.; Garcia, L&

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



Mobile marketing is an expanding industry due to the growth of mobile devices (e.g., tablets, smartphones). In this paper, we explore a categorical approach to cluster publishers of a mobile performance market, in which payouts are only issued when there is a conversion (e.g., a sale). As a case study, we analyze recent and real-world data from a global mobile marketing company. Several experiments were held, considering a first internal evaluation stage, using training data, clustering quality metrics and computational effort. In the second stage, the best method, COBWEB algorithm, was analyzed using an external evaluation based on business metrics, computed over test data, and that allowed an identification of interesting clusters.


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