Automated segmentation of the atrial region and fossa ovalis towards computer-aided planning of inter-atrial wall interventions

By Morais, P.; Vila?a, J.L.; Queir\'os, S.; Marchi, A.; Bourier, F.; Deise

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine



Image-fusion strategies have been applied to improve inter-atrial septal (IAS) wall minimally-invasive interventions. Hereto, several landmarks are initially identified on richly-detailed datasets throughout the planning stage and then combined with intra-operative images, enhancing the relevant structures and easing the procedure. Nevertheless, such planning is still performed manually, which is time-consuming and not necessarily reproducible, hampering its regular application. In this article, we present a novel automatic strategy to segment the atrial region (left/right atrium and aortic tract) and the fossa ovalis (FO).


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