Development of an interface for managing and monitoring projects in an automotive company

By Reis, A.; Tereso, A.; Santos, C.; Coelho, J.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



In a competitive world, companies lose customers and opportunities due to lack of organisation, failure to meet dates, bad planning, among other reasons. Therefore, organisation, planning and follow-up have become essential practices for business success. Hence, project management is presented as a form to guarantee compliance with deadlines, costs reduction, sales increase, revenues growth, satisfaction of clients, among other benefits. This master dissertation was developed in Bosch Car Multimedia, at the Centre of Competence of Printed Circuit Board, CM/MFT3 section, with the main objective to develop an interface for managing and monitoring projects. The research question was: “How can the monitoring and control of projects be improved in a section of an automotive company?”. This research question was answered through the cycles of Action Research (diagnosing, planning, taking action and evaluation). Observation of the practices used in CM/MFT3, analysis of documents and meetings with CM/MFT3 collaborators were done in order to obtain a better understanding of the problem and propose improvements. Weekly meetings were also used to follow the status of the work and adjust the proposals when necessary. With the increasing number of projects under the supervision of CM/MFT3, the section had greater difficulties in monitoring projects’ status. In order to tackle the situation, it was proposed a tool for the project status control, other for the project status overview (cockpit chart) and, simultaneously, new templates were developed for risk management, so that the project management practices could be improved. All the established objectives were achieved during the development of this masters’ dissertation and there was a significant contribution to the improvement of project management practices in CM/MFT3 section at Bosch Car Multimedia in Braga.



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