Production system configuration selection in a lean environment using analytic hierarchy process

By Alves, A.C.; Abreu, M.F.; Tereso, A.P.; Ferreira, P.V.

Cellular Manufacturing Systems: Recent Developments, Analysis and Case Studies



Currently, many companies are implementing Lean Production, therefore they must rethink the production system configuration. This study aim was to evaluate different production systems configurations for a Lean environment. This evaluation used the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. Different production system configurations were characterized by a literature review. This review advises that Product Oriented Manufacturing System (POMS) is a better system for a Lean environment. Seventeen criteria were used to distinguish the different configurations. Criteria were weighted using a hypothetical case situation for a desirable Lean environment. AHP method sustains and reinforces the POMS as the best option in this type of environment.


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