High quality engineering program achievement

By Ciampi, M.M.; Brito, C.R.; Vasconcelos, R.M.; Amaral, L.A.; Santos, H.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



Buildings and bridges are often the first constructions that come to mind, as they are the most visible creations of structural engineering. Civil engineers design roads, railways, subway systems and airports. And there are also less visible designs, just like every time people turn on a water tap waiting for the water to flow, without thinking that civil engineers made it possible. Finally, civil engineers are still of fundamental necessity for the construction of the civilized world. The goal of this paper is to describe a program, specially designed for a private engineering school, whose aim is to become the best one in the region, once there are other universities at the same level competing for students. COPEC – Science and Education Research Council’s Engineering Education Team has designed a new engineering program, knowledge centered and specially challenging, which integrates classical engineering approaches and real experience, in order to achieve a high level of engineers ready to perform as professionals or researchers. It aims to form the Engineer – a professional that is capable to learn for life and be creative in many ways.


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