A system for the management of clinical tasks throughout the clinical process with notification features

By Silva, A.; Oliveira, T.; Neves, J.; Satoh, K.; Novais, P.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)



Computer-Interpretable Guidelines have been associated with a higher integration of standard practices in the daily context of health care institutions. The Clinical Decision Support Systems that deliver these machine-interpretable recommendations usually follow a Q & A style of communication, retrieving information from the user or a clinical repository and performing reasoning upon it, based on the rules from Clinical Practice Guidelines. However, these systems are limited in the reach they are capable of achieving as they were initially conceived for use in very specific moments of the clinical process, namely in physician appointments. The purpose of this work is thus to present a system that, in addition to Q & A reasoning, is equipped with other functionalities such as the scheduling and temporal management of clinical tasks, the mapping of these tasks onto an agenda of activities to allow an easy consultation by health care professionals, and notifications that let health care professionals know of task enactment times and information collection times. In this way, the system ensures the delivery of procedures. The main components of the system, which reflect a different perspective on the delivery of CIG advice that we call guideline as a service, are disclosed, and they include a health care Personal Assistant Web Application, a health care assistant mobile application, and the integration with the private calendar services of the user.


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