Multiple simultaneous Wi-Fi measurements in fingerprinting indoor positioning

By Moreira, A.; Silva, I.; Meneses, F.; Nicolau, M.J.; Pend\~ao, C.; Torres-Sospedra&

2017 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, IPIN 2017



The accuracy of fingerprinting-based positioning methods accuracy is limited by the fluctuations in the radio signal intensity mainly due to reflections, refractions, and multipath interference, among other factors. We consider that the fluctuations (often modelled as a Gaussian process for simplification purposes) can be minimized by exploiting the richness of multiple signals collected simultaneously through independent network interfaces. This paper introduces an analysis of Wi-Fi signals' statistics using simultaneous measurements which shows that RSSI values obtained from independent devices are not highly correlated. The low correlation between Wi-Fi interfaces might be exploited to improve the positioning accuracy. The validation of the proposed fingerprinting approach in a real scenario shows that the mean and maximum error in positioning can be reduced by more than 40% when five Wi-Fi interfaces are simultaneously used for fingerprinting.


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