The organizational improvement as trigger for better working conditions,A melhoria organizacional como alavanca para melhores condições de trabalho

By Maia, L.C.; Eira, R.; Alves, A.C.; Le\~ao, C.P.

RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao



Good working conditions are essential for a well functioning company. These can be promoted in the context of implementation of Lean Production through organizational improvement searching for continuous improvement and questioning how the work is done. This article presents the results of a case study carried out in a Portuguese clothing company on the working conditions satisfaction for organizational improvement in a Lean Production implementation context. Different instruments were used for data and information collection: 1) questionnaire to assess employee's workstation; 2) questionnaire to assess the level of employee satisfaction with the company and working conditions, and 3) checklist to assess ergonomic and environmental conditions of the company. Through the analysis and interpretation of observation results, in general, employees were satisfied with the company and their working conditions, although they felt that certain aspects could be improved. This identification oriented the researcher in applying Lean Production tools more appropriate.


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