Engineering course specially designed to face retention issue

By Brito, C.R.; Ciampi, M.M.; Vasconcelos, R.M.; Amaral, L.A.; Santos, H.

Proceedings of the 45th SEFI Annual Conference 2017 - Education Excellence for Sustainability, SEFI 2017



Many engineering colleges have been facing the retention problem in engineering programs due to difficulties and lack of knowledge about what really means being an engineer. It is mainly due to the fact that the first 3 years are particularly intense and hard. A possible way to overcome this period is to implement a new kind of course more attractive and dynamic, which is the idea of COPEC’s engineering education research team, to embed a course with a more interesting activity for students in the first year. It is a short-term workshop in order to show the students the possibilities of performing as engineers in a global environment – a project developed for a private university in order to augment the retention rate in their engineering courses.


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