Intelligent platform for supervision and production activity control in real time

By Vieira, G.G.; Varela, M.L.R.; Putnik, G.D.; Machado, J.

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering



Nowadays there is a need for platforms, methodologies and tools for enabling to enhance either project or production activity control along with maintenance activities within production companies. In order to help small companies to overcome these difficulties in this paper, we propose a platform that intends to enable these companies to acquire top software tools, at a low cost. Our proposed platform intends to integrate smart objects, able to communicate with central processors and computers, in a network-based environment, including a set of associated input and output devices. These devices enable precise data and information acquisition and processing, in order to better support production management and maintenance decision-making. The proposed platform enables to support decision-making at several distinct hierarchical decision levels within a company, from the shop floor up to higher strategic planning levels. In this paper, a module for supporting the attribution of operations to operators, based on the Hungarian algorithm is presented and briefly discussed.


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