Deaf people feeling music rhythm by using a sensing and actuating device

By Florian, H.; Mocanu, A.; Vlasin, C.; Machado, J.; Carvalho, V.; Soares, F.;

Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical



Quality of life of disabled people in developed societies is one of the main issues to be achieved by evolution of technological solutions as well as obtaining low-cost equipment for achievement this purpose. Some equipment has been developed, and presented, and several studies have been performed about this subject. However, most of them present some gaps that are partially solved in this work. This paper describes a systematic approach and a final prototype for helping deaf people to feel music rhythm. The system hardware includes an audio sensor, two microcontrollers and light and vibrotactile outputs for transmitting the feeling of music rhythm. Also, a software interface has been developed. The prototype has been tested in several institutions that take care of deaf people. About 45 persons tested the equipment and the results achieved are encouraging.


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