Business model for forest management

By Melo, A.; Cunha, J.; Ferreira, P.

Procedia Manufacturing



The forestry sector presents itself as an undervalued sector but full of challenges. In most developed countries, it is a highly-internationalized sector, concerned with its sustainability, diversity and increasing complexity, requiring accredited people to respond to the growing competition. In Portugal, the forestry sector is a strongly exporting sector, giving sustenance to many people, especially in rural and poor areas. It is a sector rich in potentialities that have not yet been properly exploited, mainly due to the abandonment of rural areas and the lack of investment in maintenance and conservation. A business model based on the sustainability of resources and efficiency in all activities and processes was studied, with low costs and based on sub-contracting, and it is expected that it is possible to invest in the forestry sector in a profitable and sustainable way.


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