Inception and specification of what-if scenarios using OLAP usage preferences

By Carvalho, M.; Belo, O.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



The possibility to simulate hypothetical scenarios without harming the business using What-If analysis tools and to retrieve highly refined information is an interesting way of achieving such advantages. In a previous work, it was introduced a hybrid model that combines What-If analysis and OLAP usage preferences, which helps filtering the information, meeting the users’ needs and business requirements without losing data quality. In addition, it helps to overcome the lack of a user expertise using What-If analysis process. In this paper, we propose a formal verification of a hybridization model, integrating What-If analysis scenarios with OLAP usage preferences, which aim to suggest to the user enriched What-If scenarios based on the usage preferences of a specific user. For this, we used Alloy to specify and verify the referred model, which enables to analyze and verify our hybrid model, discovering possible ambiguity and inconsistencies.


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