Dynamic argumentation in UbiGDSS

By Carneiro, J.; Martinho, D.; Marreiros, G.; Jimenez, A.; Novais, P.

Knowledge and Information Systems



Supporting and representing the group decision-making process is a complex task that requires very specific aspects. The current existing argumentation models cannot make good use of all the advantages inherent to group decision-making. There is no monitoring of the process or the possibility to provide dynamism to it. These issues can compromise the success of Group Decision Support Systems if those systems are not able to provide freedom and all necessary mechanisms to the decision-maker. We investigate the use of argumentation in a completely new perspective that will allow for a mutual understanding between agents and decision-makers. Besides this, our proposal allows to define an agent not only according to the preferences of the decisionmaker but also according to his interests towards the decision-making process. We show that our definition respects the requirements that are essential for groups to interact without limitations and that can take advantage of those interactions to create valuable knowledge to support more and better.


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