The development process of a metadata application profile for the social and solidarity economy

By Malta, M.C.; Baptista, A.A.

Developing Metadata Application Profiles



© 2017, IGI Global. This chapter presents the process of developing a Metadata Application Profile for the Social and Solidarity Economy (DCAP-SSE) using Me4MAP, a method for developing Application Profiles that was being put forth by the authors. The DCAPSSE and Me4MAP were developed iteratively, feeding new developments into each other. This paper presents how the DCAP-SSE was developed showing the steps followed through the development of the activities and the techniques used, and the final deliverables obtained at the end of each activity. It also presents the work-team and how each profile of the team contributed for the DCAP-SSE development process. The DCAP-SSE has been endorsed by the SSE community and new perspectives of SSE activities have been defined for future enlargement of the DCAP-SSE. At the time of writing this chapter, Linked Open SSE Data is being published, they are the first examples of use of the DCAP-SSE.


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