Web-based decision system for distributed process planning in a networked manufacturing environment

By Manupati, V.K.; Kanigalpula, P.K.C.; Varela, M.L.R.; Putnik, G.D.; Ar

Studies in Computational Intelligence



Distributed manufacturing sector is increasingly enabling the Web-enabled services due to the advancements in Information technology and pervasive applications of recently advanced manufacturing systems. In this paper, world wide web (WWW) collaborative model is developed, and architecture with the web enabled service system for effective integration of distributed process planning and scheduling is proposed to assists the geographically distributed enterprises located in the context of networked manufacturing for effective coordination and collaboration. To validate the feasibility of the proposed approach, a case study has been presented and found that the proposed method and developed tool offers some benefits such as high interoperability, openness, cost-efficiency, and production scalability.


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