Detection of behavioral patterns for increasing attentiveness level

By Dur\~aes, D.; Gon?alves, S.; Carneiro, D.; Bajo, J.; Novais, P.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



In the current world, performance is one of the most important issues concerning work and competition. Performance is strongly connected with learning and when it comes to acquiring new knowledge, attention is one the most important mechanisms as the level of the learner’s attention affects learning results. When students are doing learning activities using new technologies, it is extremely important that the teacher has some feedback from the students’ work in order to detect potential learning problems at an early stage. The goal of this research is to propose a system that measures the level of attentiveness in real scenarios, and detects patterns of behavior associated to different attention levels among different students. This system measures attention and uses this information for training a decision support system that shows the level of attention of a group of students in real time.


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