Developing an ambient intelligent-based decision support system for production and control planning

By Gomes, M.; Silva, F.; Ferraz, F.; Silva, A.; Analide, C.; Novais, P.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing



Scheduling production instructions in a manufacturing facility is key to assure a efficient process that assures the desired product quantities are produced in time, with quality and with the right resources. An efficient production avoids the creation of downstream delays, and early completion which both can be detrimental if storage space is limited and contracted quantities are important. Therefore, the production, planning and control of manufacturing is increasingly more difficult as family products increases. This paper presents an ongoing Ambient Intelligent decision support system development that aims to provide assistance on the creation on standard work procedures that assure production quantity and efficiency by means of ambient intelligence, optimization heuristics and machine learning in the context of a large organization.


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