Implementation of project management practices in the direct purchasing system of a company

By S\'a, V.; Tereso, A.

Proceedings of the 28th International Business Information Management Association Conference - Vision 2020: Innovation Management, Development Sustainability, and Competitive Economic Growth



Throughout the years, project management has been essential to the success of projects in organizations and if it is implemented correctly, it helps to achieve the demanding, urgent and competitive goals that companies are experiencing. This paper presents an implementation and adaptation of project management practices to the projects from the purchasing section of a company where employees have to manage people, information and resources. The implementation was developed considering the projects associated to the nomination of a supplier and the mechanical parts approval. It was used the project management standard from Project Management Institute (PMI). The research has shown, using PERT, that the expected duration of this type of projects is about 446 days and the probability of finishing a project within a year is only about 10%. Due to time constraints, it was not possible to complete several action research cycles and verify its actual benefits.



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