A speculative computation approach for conflict styles assessment with incomplete information

By Gomes, M.; Oliveira, T.; Novais, P.

Studies in Computational Intelligence



Thispaperanalysesawaytocopewithincompleteinformation,namely information regarding the conflict style used by parties. This analysis is important because it enables us to develop a more accurate and informed conflict style classification method to promote better strategies. To develop this proposal, an experiment using a combination of Bayesian Networks with Speculative Computation is depicted. Thus, in this work, was firstly identified and applied a set of methods for classifying conflict styles with incomplete information; secondly, the approach was validating opposing data collected from a web-based negotiationgame.Fromtheexperimentoutcomes,wecanconcludedthatitispossibleto copewithincompleteinformationbyproducingvalidconflictstyledefaultvalues and, particularly, to anticipate competing postures through the dynamic generation of recommendations for a conflict manager. The findings suggest that this approach is suitable for handling incomplete information in this context and can be applied in a viable and feasible way.


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