Non-intrusive quantification of performance and its relationship to mood

By Carneiro, D.; Pimenta, A.; Neves, J.; Novais, P.

Soft Computing



The number of jobs that takes place entirely or partially in a computer is nowadays very signi cant. These workplaces, as many others, often o er the key ingredients for the emergence of stress and the performance drop of its long-term e ects: long hours sitting, sustained cognitive e ort, pressure from competitiveness, among others. This has a toll on productivity and work quality, with signi cant costs for both organizations and workers. Moreover, a tired workforce is generally more susceptible to negative feelings and mood, which results in a negative environment. This paper contributes to the current need for the development of non-intrusive methods for monitoring and managing worker performance in real time. We propose a framework that assesses worker performance and a case study in which this approach was validated. We also show the relationship between performance and mood.


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