Collaborative portal for supporting manufacturing resources selection in a global market

By Shah, V.; Varela, M.L.R.; Putnik, G.D.

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering



In the last decades the manufacturing industry has shifted from largely single location centralized manufacturing towards networked manufacturing spread over multiple sites. Companies have either established new production sites in multiple locations or established strategic partnerships to respond to market changes more rapidly as well as for more efficient and effective sharing of resources, through the so-called integrated manufacturing systems environments. In this context, proper collaboration among different locations and/or partners becomes more critical. Thus, development of appropriate integrated tools, to enable clients or network partners to accurately select appropriate manufacturing resource from the widened global market context, becomes emergent. Therefore, this work is aimed at providing a contribution to maximize overall benefit of businesses, in the context of a networked scenario, and subject to a set of configurations and restrictions on part of the manufacturing resources providers and searchers. Thus, the authors propose a collaborative portal to enable to perform a better manufacturing resources selection, based on technologies integration for supporting accurate orders processing.


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