A faster and more secure human blood type determining product-concept design

By Bezerra, K.; Carvalho, V.; Matos, D.; Machado, J.; Soares, F.; Ferraz, A.

Journal of Medical Devices, Transactions of the ASME



This paper is focused on the design of a portable and semiautomatic product that allows human blood typing in a short time interval. To solve the technical and mechanical issues, innovative technologies in the areas of industrial design, electronics, and mechanical engineering were incorporated. Thus, we have developed a mechanical system that performs a fast and secure mixing of samples based on the manual plate test. This product concept aims to determinate human blood type in less than 5 min using image-processing algorithms into the mechatronic system. It incorporates formal harmonic aspects as well as some important features, such as ergonomics, portability, safety, security, simple maintenance, and easy to use.


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