Engineering opportunities for engineers

By Ciampi, M.M.; Brito, C.Da.R.; Vasconcelos, R.M.; Amaral, L.A.; Barros,

Proceedings of the 43rd SEFI Annual Conference 2015 - Diversity in Engineering Education: An Opportunity to Face the New Trends of Engineering, SEFI 2015



It is not enough to provide future engineers with technical skills. They must also learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams, how to develop designs rapidly, how to manufacture sustainably, how to combine art and engineering, and how to address global markets. To provide future professionals an opportunity in the work market has become now part of university formation as a way to assure also the future of university. As long as the dialogue with enterprises are not yet effective in many places, it is up to the schools and universities to have the initiative to enhance their programs to assure the proper formation for future professionals that can perform in this mutant work environment of 21st Century. In according to the National Academy of Engineering, USA report ?The Engineer of 2020? paints a picture of a dynamically changing and evolving world: ?The successful future engineer will need strong analytical skills, practical ingenuity, creativity, good communication skills, business and management knowledge, leadership, high ethical standards, professionalism, dynamism, agility, resilience, flexibility, and the pursuit of lifelong learning?, the report says [1]. This paper contains the description of a course designed by COPEC ? Science and Education Research Council education research team, for engineering students what is called ?Working with Communities Course?, which provides the students of engineering in 3rd year the chance to work with consultancy for the entrepreneurial community, in the region. It is for an Engineering School of a private university and the goal is provide the needed resources to enable interdisciplinary efforts to prepare engineering students to tackle real-world challenges in engineering, entrepreneurship and new business ventures as professionals [2] . The idea is to offer a space that has been named after ?Innovative Office? where local entrepreneurs go with a problem or project to discuss and to find sustainable solutions under the consultancy of young engineers. The engineering


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